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Becoming Shakti

The Metaphysical Musings of your Friendly Neighborhood Yogini

Yoga, Holistic Wellness, Reiki, Mindfulness, Energy, Metaphysical, Metacognition, Meditation

My name is Shakti - yes, like the divine goddess whose many faces include the warrior Durga, the ruler of change Kali, the star of knowledge Tara, the incarnation of every fierce and badass woman out there. Shakti is the name I chose for spiritual practice, and I figured - why not chose the epitome of the divinity I want to embody? Manifestation, friends. Rule number one: live as if it's already your reality.

So here I am, born in the 90's onto an Earth that has a heck of a lot going on, pivotal times in energy shifts, and mass amounts of potential riding a critical era that will define the remainder of human and other-than-human life for the remainder of Earth's existence, and I feel a call. I'm here to help. I'm here to heal. I'm here to empower and educate and mentor and guide and free and strengthen and enlighten as many souls as I can possibly touch. It's like a little prod at first, then a gentle nudge, then a little pull, followed by being towed by the hand, and recently it's feel like Spirit has shoved me off a cliff while saying "Alright, you've dragged your feet long enough - time to fly!" and here we are now. A starseed filled with professional experience and researched, evidence-based degrees and knowledge, radiating light and love and working to bring everyone on this wild ride to enlightenment and self-realization.

Yogini Shakti, at your service.

Holistic Living through unity of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

By now some of you have thought this is completely nuts and stopped reading - I'll see you back here when Spirit starts to tug you down this path, too, as we all inevitably do. All good. Everyone walks their own journey. But those of you still with me? Well here we go - welcome to the wildly wonderful world beyond the veil.

I founded Langan Wellness with one goal in mind: Help. Help people grow. Help people heal. Provide the tools and knowledge and skillsets needed to make everyone successful in life, no matter what life they choose. And to practice those skills and tool usings and knowledge rememberings and progress? Enter Firebird Yoga School - yoga, meditation, mindfulness, energy work, courses and workshops for the physical enaction of this new life. So, Langan Wellness and Firebird Yoga, tools and practice, philosophy and execution, form, and function, Shakti and Shiva. Cool, yeah? One stop shopping for all your metaphysical needs.

Who cares?

So, why do we care about the blog? Well, like I said, I don't bring anything to public education or attention unless it is validated. With this line of work, "validation" can mean a few things Is it an authentic, traditional teachings and healings? I'm talking Himalayan Monks passing down their knowledge through the verbal word, not your girlfriend's essential oil concoction for spicing things up between the sheets (not knocking EO's, but you get the distinction here). Ancient Eastern practices are oftentimes difficult to validate with modern science simply because the research doesn't yet exist (don't worry - I'm working on that) to give it Western science validation, but that doesn't mean it doesn't carry validity. On the other hand, there is new research emerging on the sciences of Yoga and pranayama and meditation and mindfulness, and that is my jam. Science = fact, and fact = validation of what sages have been practicing for millennia.

The other teachings in this blog will be more...unorthodox. Namely, using myself as a guinea pig, testing theories out on me (and occasionally my unwitting but cosmically loving and forgiving and supportive hubs) and then sharing my results with you. Sure, sample size of 1 isn't fact, but there are some cool experiences I want to bring to you that may enhance your own practice, or at least answer some questions. You'll find a beautiful mix of researched papers and crystal vibe-tripped dreams here to inspire and entertain as we all walk this path in our own ways.

After all, aren't we all just walking each other home at the end of the day?

Put me to work!

If you have questions, if you want to know more about a post or teaching, if you simply want me to write about something - just let me know! This is for you, the community. And from time to time I will be having posts from the community published on here as well! I am here to humbly serve.

I will be integrating everything I write about either into tools available to you in the Services and Offerings of Langan Wellness, Earthsong Boutique or courses and classes through Firebird Yoga, with a link to them at the end of every post. Happy journeying!

Big Love,


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