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Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching is a safe, effective treatment that mirrors traditional psychotherapy, and often times is used in addition to counseling. You do not need a referral or insurance to start your Mindfulness Coaching sessions, and they will all occur through Zoom from the comfort of your own home. All sessions are kept in alignment with HIPAA practices and are strictly confidential between Yogini and yourself.

$25 per half hour slot, you are free to book as much time as you would like

*$15 per half hour for current students with a student ID

Erase Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the conditioned negative thoughts or patterns we have about ourselves that hold us back and even hurt us. With proper coaching, these limiting beliefs will be released and you freed from their chains.

Guided Lessons

Receive customized, guided lessons that included in-session practices and skill-building practices in your day to day life, tailored to your specific needs and personal goals.

Reprogram Your Brain

Neuroscience has supported evidence that continued mindfulness practice, exercise, and coaching can restructure the physical aspects of your brain to help you be happier, naturally think more positively, and have a changed outlook on life.

Progress Through Meeting Yourself

Receive progress notes and comparisons to your beginning sessions, where you stand in your skill development, your areas of strength that you can rely on, and the areas you can spend more love and energy with.

Achieve Your Goals

Goal setting, action, and achievement is a science, and so much of it lives within your thoughts. Acquire the skills needed to reach goal after goal in your life.

Find Happiness

Happiness is an art and science, one that can be cultivated by a change in the way we think. Mindfulness coaching will bring about a calmer, more fulfilled state of being, and inherently knowing how to have a positive impact on and take control of your life.


Your Consultation appointment is always complimentary. Please email Yogini Shakti to today to schedule.

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