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Current Offerings

Mindful Mondays (Facebook Live)

Free community meditation for all ages and skill levels

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Instructor: Yogini Shakti

Earthsong Boutique Live Show (Facebook Live)

See and shop all of the newest one-of-a-kind additions first, before they hit the shop! Live shopping plus surprises and giveaways!

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All Days
Online Private Yoga Instruction

Whether you're a beginner looking for some instruction before your first studio class or a yogi looking to freshen their practice, Yogini is here to guide. Have a group (even across the country!) that you want to take a class with? We'll host classes, too!

Set up yours today!

Coming Soon...

Introduction to Meditation 4-part online series

Instructor: Yogini Shakti

All offerings are given though the Firebird Yoga School of Intuition. Interested in taking your practice to the next level? Looking to book for a private event? Ask us about courses and trainings! Click here to learn more

Some of our most popular private bookings:

Couples Yoga

Partner Yoga

Bachelorette Parties (yoga + divination readings)

Full/New Moon Rituals

Corporate Wellness

Stress Management

First Responder Trainings


Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Yogini Shakti offers classes in Asthanga Vinyasa, Vini, chair, Nidra, trauma-informed, Yin, Hatha, power, Tantra and sport-specific programs for individuals, couples, or groups. Please email her directly or text to (518)429-9046

Rates and times vary, please inquire

Reiki Sessions

Yogini Shakti is currently booking private, studio and at-home reiki healings. For bookings, please email her directly or text to (518)429-9046

$60/45 minute session

$30 for current students

Intuitive Readings

If you are looking for guidance in your life, assistance in finding your path, or simply seeking clarification, Yogini Shakti can provide you with the information you need. Through a combination of tarot, astrology, crystals, pendulums, rune stones, and palmistry, Yogini is able to tap into cosmic intuition and divine truths to assist you in your life. For bookings, please email her directly or text (518)429-9046

$30/30 minute session

$20 for current students

Mindfulness Coaching (Online!)

Ever feel stuck in your mind? Victim of your own thoughts? Want to unleash your full potential through mindfulness, positivity, healthy thinking, and manifestation? Yogini Shakti can counsel you through your thought processes, help you eliminate limiting beliefs, and assist you in finding peace and comfort in your daily routine and goals. Please email her directly or text to (518)429-9046

Free consultation

$25/half hour appointment

$15 for current students

Classes, Events, Workshops & Retreats

Interested in hosting a yoga class? Email Yogini Shakti to set up your practice!

Meet the Team

The Intuition Powerhouse. Your mentors through your spiritual journey

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