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Reiki Healings

Yogini Shakti is attuned to and trained in the use of reiki energy, the highest vibrational energy humankind is currently able to access. It is pure harmony, and serves only to help and heal. The body's organs are each attuned to different energetic frequencies, with the chakras being our main wells of energetic exchange.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Reiki healings are what Yogini calls "a session somewhere between massage therapy and counseling." While she cannot medically diagnose anything or prescribe in reiki, she can assist you in feeling better if you have been:

Feeling sluggish, tired, fatigued

Anxious or overwhelmed

Chronically stressed

Feeling ungrounded or unstable

Recently ill or dealing with chronic illness

Recently injured or deal with chronic injury

Dealing with chronic pain

Dealing with depression

Have trouble sleeping

Feel "off"

Yogini can direct reiki energy through the body through touch, and sometimes with the aid of crystals, to assist your body in its own natural healing abilities. The benefits of reiki healings are many, and commonly include:

More energy

More optimism

Better immune health

Faster healing

Better sleep

Improved cognition

Improved memory

A deep sense of calmness

Higher self-esteem

Stronger sense of intuition

Stronger mind-body connection

A typical reiki session is 45 minutes long, though some people prefer a very in-depth 90 minute healing. You only need to wear what you are comfortable in, bring water (for hydration after your session), and get ready to relax. You'll lie on your back on a massage bed while Yogini restores you, and may chat a bit about your experience, what you're feeling, or any areas of your life where you've felt "stuck." This will help Yogini to accurately heal you as thoroughly as possible. After your session, you'll feel rejuvenated and relaxed! The effects of your "reiki high" will last a few hours up to a day, but the reiki will keep working and your body will jumpstart off of that energy into better energetic alignment.

$60 per 45 minute session

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