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Kantha Quilt

Kantha Quilt

Kantha is the name of the traditional single stitch used by women of India when they cut apart old unwearable garments, save the pieces of fabric that are still vibrant and beautiful, and bring them together into brand new, one-of-a kind garments and blankets!


It is common to have minor fraying or small holes in the garments, patches, and caterpillar stitches used to repair the pieces as much as possible. These are not considered flaws but enhances to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece! No two kantha pieces are ever the same, and so your quilt will be the only one in the world that looks like it!


Quilts are twin-bed size and make excellent light-weight throws. Your kantha quilt's appearance will be a complete surprise when you receive it!

All kantha sold by Earthsong is handmade in India by women who sell their pieces to support their families. We carry both traditional cotton and silk sari-based pieces and are committed to cultural preservation and fair trade.

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