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Reconnect with the sacred feminine energy that resides within you. Four powerful classes will allow you to deepen your connection to body, mind, and heart, and allow you to walk out into your life feeling confident, powerful, vibrant, and in control of your destiny.


Find your Sisters

Classes are rooted deeply in the feminine, and are the perfect opportunity for women of all ages to find their inner goddess power. No yoga experience is needed for this - only the desire to change and grow into your true self.

Classes will be one hour long vinyasa flows incorporating Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of Love), Tantra Yoga (the Yoga of Sensation), Kundalini Yoga (the Yoga of Power), and Yoga Nidra (the Yoga of Sleep/Revitalization). You will be guided through exercises designed to empower you, body mind and spirit, next to your sister Goddesses in a safe and judgment free environment. Movement in this class will be free, expressive, energetic, and uplifting. You will be completely free to experience your power in each moment.

Enrollment includes all four classes in the workshop, a notebook for class prompts, a meditation palm stone, and endless possibilities! Please wear whatever you are comfortable in - from full attire to short shorts and sports bras, pulled back hair to wild curls and dangly earrings, everything is welcome. This time is for YOU! Own it!


Do you have questions?

The Goddess Circle is a powerful experience where you will challenge your inner monologue, defeat negative self-talk and come face to face with your preconceptions. It is also am experience that allows you to free yourself of all that holds you back, realize your own beauty and value, step into your power, and make a whole new circle of friends founded on self-love, acceptance, support, and sisterhood.

Yes, this can seem daunting. But believe us - it is so, so worth it.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at

We are here to guide you and support you each and every step of the way!

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